A row of drinks on a counter visually represents the Beverages Analysis.

Consumption of high-quality beverages and juices benefits consumer health. To be at the forefront of the beverage sector, the juices and drinks must be of outstanding standard. As a result, Food and Beverages analysis is required.

What is the Beverages Analysis service?

These beverages analysis services or health drink testing encompass microbiological, toxicological, chemical, nutritional, and physical examination of juices and beverages. The criteria used to test these juices and drinks are as follows:

Assessment of bacteria quantity
Examination of yeast and mold presence
Identification of specific pathogens
Evaluation of alcohol content for regulatory compliance
Scrutiny of sugar levels for taste and quality
Assessment of acidity for flavor and stability
Testing of preservative presence and concentration
Careful assessment of taste, aroma, appearance, and texture
Measurement of pH levels for product stability
Evaluation of moisture content
Examination of water activity for assessing shelf life
Flavor and Aroma Analysis
In-depth chemical analysis of flavors and aromas
Maintenance of consistency, especially in products like wines and craft beers
Verification of the purity and authenticity of premium and specialized beverages
Measurement of calorie content to meet

Why is Beverages Analysis required?

  1. Various factors, such as temperature, and the presence of nutrients in water may lead to the growth of microorganisms such as E. coli. and salmonella in the beverages.
  2. Water contains pollutants.
  3. The use of certain chemicals and preservatives in food might impact the taste and drinking quality of beverages. 

Therefore, stringent testing approaches for water, ingredients, and beverages analysis are the first steps toward beverage quality control. Furthermore, beverages are scrutinized by international regulatory authorities. Application of quality control techniques through testing, inspection and auditing can help beverage manufacturing units comply with regulations and improve their product’s acceptability amongst consumers.

Beverages Testing Parameters:

Ethyl Alcohol Aldehydes as acetaldehyde Ash Specific gravity
Volatile acidity
Sulphur Dioxide
Esters and ethyl acetate
Fixed acidity
Methyl alcohol
Total acidity
Residue on evaporation
Higher alcohols as amyl alcohol

CVR Labs offers internationally recognized beverages analysis services Our advanced laboratories enable you to establish traceability and quality assurance across your entire supply chain in record time. Due to our regulatory experience and testing capabilities, we make sure your goods meet international and national standards. CONTACT US today for more details regarding our services.

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