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CVR Labs is one of the best Food testing labs in Chennai experienced in providing reliable analytical services to the food industry. Our clients range from meat distributors and grocery stores to food manufacturers. Our dedication and commitment motivate us to provide personalized service to each client and meet all demanding needs.

CVR Labs, an Analytical testing laboratory is accredited and approved by NABL, FSSAI, BIS, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. CVR Labs has testing, inspection, and training under one roof. We have all the necessary accreditations, recognitions, certificates, and approvals for testing. We can assist you in producing goods that are both safe and of high quality and provide a broad range of services for food testing.

Food Testing Services:

Why Food Testing?

Food is essential for growth, energy production, repair of cells, and the maintenance of proper health. CVR Labs, Food testing labs in Chennai provide a wide range of solutions for food safety and quality, such as technical assistance, inspections, and analytical testing. It is vital to test food to know what types of nutrients and minerals are located in the various foods that you eat as well as biological analysis.

Test results should come from a competent laboratory with appropriate technical expertise in food analysis using techniques such as gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography for analysis of the purity, or determination of the content, of many substances in mixed samples. Inductively coupled plasma is a type of mass spectrometry that is capable of detecting metals and several non-metals at the low concentrations required in industrial monitoring.

What do FBOs (Food Business Operators) need?

To guarantee the safety of their food products, free from contaminants or residues, and to give correct nutritional information, food manufacturers need to be able to track their goods back to the source.CVR Labs, Food testing labs in Chennai can help you to produce quality and safe products. General laboratory testing of a manufacturer’s product should include the following techniques:

Analytical chemistry testing:

Study of the chemical components of both natural and manufactured materials: their separation, identification, and measurement.

Microbiology Food testing:

The investigation of food-borne microbes to assist producers in determining the safety of ingredients, raw materials, components, and finished goods, hence ensuring the food products’ safety.

Food nutrition analysis:

An analysis of the value and the nutritional content in foods and food products which provides information for nutrition labelling on food packaging that manufacturers are required to include to comply with the labelling regulations of destination countries.

Food allergen testing:

Food allergens are proteins that can present in significant numbers and frequently persist after food preparation. Finding the target allergen in the components and final goods is necessary.

Sensory testing:

In sensory testing, food product qualities are identified using the five senses of humans—sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing—to assess consumer goods.

Why CVR Labs?

CVR Labs has the entire advanced analytical instruments for recent food testing procedures and is also involved in developing and validating new and advanced methods for quality analytical testing services. An independent Service provider who understands FBOs requirements from every perspective and designs services to meet your exact requirements in a multiplicity of scenarios.

About CVR Labs Food Safety Services (CVR Labs-FSS)

CVR Labs, Food testing labs in Chennai is committed to keeping readers informed of regulatory news and developments. A wide range of food safety and quality solutions, such as analytical testing, inspections, and technical assistance, are offered by CVR Labs. The organization consistently makes investments in cutting-edge technology and top-notch testing skills to assist clients in lowering risks and enhancing food safety and quality.

Contact  CVR Labs today to schedule your needed analytical services or to learn more about our laboratory.

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