Various discarded items in a junkyard, illustrate the issue of solid waste accumulation.

Hazardous waste and Solid Waste Testing makes your industry conscious of the surroundings and helps to grow sustainably.

Why do we require Hazardous waste and Solid Waste Testing?

Any industry or facility that generates waste during production needs to test hazardous waste. They should evaluate the waste circulation to decide its composition, amount, and extent of hazardousness. This is important for numerous motives:

Regulation Compliance:

Ensuring that waste substances meet criminal criteria for secure coping with, transportation, and disposal.

Environmental Protection:

Aims to keep away from contamination of the land, water, and air by detecting and reducing dangerous waste objects.

Public Health Protection:

Ensures the general public’s health via managing waste products to lessen health worries whilst handled and disposed of responsibly.

Improving Waste Management Efficiency:

Facilitates the adoption of powerful waste management techniques consisting of recycling and reusing substances.

What is Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste Testing Services?

The risky and solid waste testing offerings examine the waste on unique parameters and advise extraordinary control practices for dealing with each sort of waste. During hazardous waste testing, analysts examine solid waste samples for parameters like hazardous contaminants, bacterial levels, ignitability, reactivity, and toxicity. The industry determines the appropriate testing method for the waste sample. We are following the permitted variations of Indian (BIS) and International Standard Methods (APHA, AOAC) for excellence in every analysis.

CVR Labs gives testing of stable waste generated as,

  • Municipal sewage sludge
  • Industrial sewage & ETP sludge
  • Industrial process wastes
  • Solid waste from power enterprise

Mineral & metallurgical wastes:

• Food, fruit, and vegetable processing waste
• Dust particles and airborne dust

CVR Labs gives an evaluation of sewage wastes and Industrial wastes for the determination of unsafe organic and inorganic pollution that are dangerous to health and the environment.

CVR Labs completes the following assessments for Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste Testing:

Total Organic Matter Loss on Drying @550°C Total Nitrogen Conductivity
Sodium absorption ratio
Non Volatile Substance
Total Organic Carbon
Volatile Substance
Hexavalent Chromium
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

These traits are essential for solving the characterization of hazardous waste merchandise, ensuring felony compliance, maintaining the surroundings, and protecting public fitness. We customize our testing techniques to fit individual requirements, providing comprehensive data to support responsible waste management.

CVR Labs is a nice lab for Hazardous waste and Solid Waste Testing offerings, thanks to revolutionary technology, devices, and a devoted team of workers of experts. CONTACT US now to examine our services and how we can help you manipulate and get rid of risky and material waste safely.

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