Heat stress monitor device

In high-temperature work environments, workers may experience heat stress. This can impair their performance and affect their health. Because of this, heat stress monitoring is necessary for employees’ safety and health. This necessitates a tool that can measure temperatures, estimate the risk of heat stroke and alert people when appropriate. The Heat Stress monitoring device measures WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) for both inside and outside buildings. This data is extremely useful in helping prevent heat-related illnesses.

According to much research conducted, excessive heatwaves have triggered more deaths than any other herbal disaster in the last 200 year

What is Heat Stress?

Heat stress monitoring is necessary in environments where people are expose to extreme levels of heat, to protect against the effects of overheating. The monitoring works against heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke; heat exhaustion or collapse; cramps, sudden heart failure after exercise in the sunshine and crops of rage blisters (red rashes), burns etc. These symptoms are most serious in people over sixty-five, the obese or those with heart disease and high blood pressure. Moreover, workers with long-time and all too regular contact with elevated temperatures firefighters, military personnel, miners and refinery men face increased accidents due to heat-related fatigue or equipment breakdown.

How Does a device Work?

The WBGT contraptions can measure the temperature of wet and dry bulbs and a black globe to estimate strain in an excessive temperature running environment, interior or outside. We derive the WBGT index mathematically from three distinct temperature measurements: wet bulb temperatures, dry bulb temperatures, and globe temperatures. If we do not take preventative measures, we can predict heat accidents at WBGT readings of 75°F and above.

The warmth strain components referenced through the U.S. The official title of the Government Occupational and Environmental Health Bulletin is:

WBGT (out of doors) = zero.7 x WB + zero.2 x BG + 0.1 x DB

WBGT (indoor) = zero.7 x WB + 0.3 x BG


  • WB is the wet-bulb temperature
  • The Vernon Black Globe Temperature is a 6-inch device.
  • DB is the dry-bulb (ambient) temperature
  • WBGT is the moist-bulb globe temperature index

 Parameter or Tests or type of tests performed:  Heat Stress (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index)

Heat Stress Monitoring to Protect Worker Safety

We measure environmental heat stress in terms of heat index (a combination of temperature and humidity) and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), which considers radiant heat sources. QUESTempº Series Heat Stress Monitors check heat strain environments with the use of WBGT sensing era.

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