A person in a white coat holding bottles of edible oil in a lab.

The process of  edible oil testing is complex to ensure the safety, quality, and nutritional value of these crucial food components. Such evaluations do not only guarantee that the product is of the best quality but also keep it safe from spoilage, protect against rancidity and ensure satisfaction on both gastronomic as well as health fronts for consumers.

The Primary aims of edible oil testing are as follows:

Quality Control:

Ensure that the oils have these appearance, flavor and scent characteristics.

Safety verification:

That’s the whole process of recognizing and eliminating possible health threats: pollutants, and harmful bacteria.

Nutritional Evaluation:

How to determine nutritional value, such as fatty acid composition and moisture content.

Regulatory Compliance:

To ensure that oils meet both local and international food safety standards.

Why do we require Edible Oil Testing?

These quality tests are needed to establish a complete profile of the contents of edible oil. To import or export, the company needs to submit a comprehensive oil analysis report to regulatory bodies. Testing of oil and vegetable oil are included in the Edible Oil tests.

What is this service?

We perform testing services on oilseed, palm oil, cooking oils (mustard or groundnut), safflower and soya beans; all kinds of vegetable products.

Edible oil Testing Parameters are as follows:

Moisture Peroxide value Insoluble Impurities Linseed oil
Free fatty acids
Test for Mineral oil
Specific gravity
Test for Sesame oil
Saponification value
Test for Castor oil
Iodine value (Wijs)
Groundnut oil
Unsaponifiable matter
Test for Karanja oil
Acid value
Cottonseed oil
Moisture and volatile matter
Acetyl value/ Hydroxyl value

These factors are important to the quality, safety, and nutritive value of edible oils. By monitoring and managing these parameters is vital in getting healthy, safe products to customers.

At CVR Labs, we offer the best choice for Edible Oil Testing and comprehensive inspection. The latest state-of-the-art technology equips our team of experienced experts, making them capable and qualified to deliver our promise. Our team of experienced experts is equipped with the latest technology, which makes them capable and qualified to deliver our promise. To learn more about how we can help you guard the quality of edible oils, please CONTACT US immediately.

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