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What is Fruits and Vegetable Testing service?

Testing services on samples assume that maximum residue limits (MRLs) are not being exceeded. It mainly determines the residues in fruits and vegetables which do no good to human health. In addition, these tests also provide the basic nutrient content of this fruit or vegetable. This testing includes grapes, mangoes, and sugar cane.

Why Fruits and Vegetable Testing Required?

Microbiological testing involves measuring the number of bacteria, identifying mold, and detecting diseases. These tests are needed to safeguard the safety of fruits and vegetables, avoid contamination sources, and promote consumer health.

Pesticide residue analysis is both a matter of measuring chemical levels and identifying pesticide residue. Thus, attention to safety regulations is ensured and hazardous chemicals can be avoided.

Nutrient content:

including vitamin and mineral testing, and dietary fibre testing. These tests determine the nutritional content of fruits and vegetable to give consumers accurate dietary knowledge.

Fruits and Vegetables: Quality Assessment and Preservation

One is texture and sensory evaluation, which grades produce’s look, taste and scent on top of its feel. These assessments guarantee customer satisfaction and product quality and provide a surefire dining experience.
One of the important aspects of identifying fruits and vegetable is quality grading. This includes wrongly made foods identified as spoiled food, and size-graded or appearance-graded produce It makes marketing and sorting more effective, reduces waste, and improves product quality.

Shelf life testing evaluates decomposing symptoms and determines how long fruits and vegetable will last on the shelf. This improves sustainability, lowers food waste, and guarantees product freshness and lifespan. Food testing is an all-rounded technique that guarantees these important commodities nutritional value, safety, and quality. These assessments certify the quality of the produce, ensure consumer health and safety, and safeguard food industry sustainability.

The tests performed on fruits and vegetables are as follows:

Acidity (as citric acid) Volatile acids Sulphur dioxide Moisture
Acid Insoluble Ash
Essential oil

Food labelling requirements necessitate fruits and vegetable testing services. Nutritional analysis helps market their nutritious value. Companies involved in importing or exporting these items require these analysis reports

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