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What are spices and condiments Testing Services?

Adulteration in spices and condiments can adversely affect your health and cause many diseases. The spice testing services also test for pesticide residues, nutritional components, and heavy metals. Stringent tests are conducted on these, matching international maximum residue levels (MRLs). Spice and Condiment Testing Masala, garlic paste, ginger paste coriander powder cardamom clove cumin seed spices curry leaves are also tested.

Testing is an important quality check on the components of flavorings used in cooking. It also tests whether these are edible (so they don’t have contaminants), maintained to the highest standards, etc. This testing is necessary for several reasons:

Consumer Protection:

This ensures that spices and condiments are of good quality, free from poison or other adulteration which can lead to foodborne diseases.

Product Quality:

It must be fresh, without spoilage or other faults in flavour (taste), aroma (fragrance) and colour.

Regulatory Compliance:

For makers and suppliers of spices observance of food safety rules is crucial.

Brand Reputation:

Timely, excellent quality and safety of products serve to enhance company image and consumer trust.

Our testing procedures cover various aspects, including:

Testing Procedure Description
Microbiological Analysis
Laboratory Analysis Perform the microbiological tests to detect any unwanted bacteria, moulds and yeasts in spices also as condiments thus avoiding contamination during processing or storage.
Chemical Analysis
Verify the absence of pesticides, heavy metals and other adulterants through chemical analysis thus to reduce the risks associated with use by health consumers.
Sensory Evaluation
Ensure the taste, aroma, colour and also texture are as expected for spices and condiments to accept industry standards or consumersā€™ lifestyles
Shelf-life Studies
Quality retention in the spices and condiments over a period of time under different storage conditions.
Compliance Testing
To ensure that the spices and condiments are in line with the labelling laws as well as permissible limits for additives and contaminants, compliance testing verifies if all the products meet all regulatory standards while assuring safety.

Spices and Condiments Testing Parameters

To analyze the content of spices it tests for various parameters, both physical, chemical, and microbiological. The lab provides a wide variety of services under its CVR Labs name. This is a complete listing of the available parameters. PleaseĀ contact us right away to learn more about our services.

Sulphite reducing clostridia Bacillus cereus Clostridium perfringens
Listeria monocytogenes
Salmonella spp.
Shigella spp.
Staphylococcus aureus
Total Plate Count
Vibrio cholerae
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Yeast and Moulds
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