ED XRF Spectrometer

(Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer)

ED XRF Spectrometer

CVR Labs having ED XRF Spectrometer is a versatile spectrometer, model 720 series, Shimadzu, Japan. EDXRF demonstrates high sensitivity and precision in the entire range of elements ranging from Na to U. In EDXRF analysis, an X-ray beam source is directed towards the sample and then the modification generated X-rays are measured to ascertain the composition and quantity of elements in the tested sample. Through the non-invasive method, there is no difference whatsoever in the sample types which can be measured (solids, powders, liquids, thin films, etc.).

The application and Uses of the ED XRF spectrometer as follows:

  • Furnishing electrical or electronic gear assessing the chemical substances.
  • Chemical Sector Analysis of such materials and goods as pesticides, acids, catalysts, chemical intermediates, flavors, fragrances, fuels, paints, pigments, plastics, inorganic and organic materials, ores, and minerals (the list is not conclusive).
  • Heavy oils Nickel (Ni), Vanadium (V), and Sulphur (S) analysis Petroleum and Petrochemicals Lubricating oils contaminant element and dopant analysis.
  • Building and Construction Materials Ceramics, cement, glass, bricks, and clays are examples of materials.
  • Medical Supplies The study of raw materials and products, and the study of catalysts during synthesization The study of sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), and bromine (Br).
  • Agriculture and Food Products Analysis of soils, fertilizers, foods, and food-related products.
  • Iron, Steel, and Nonferrous Metals Analysis of composition and impurities in raw materials, alloys, solders, and precious metals.
  • Machinery and Automobiles Assessment of regulated substances used in automobile parts by ELV compositional analysis and coating-thickness measurement of machine parts.
  • Environment Analysis of soil, effluent, ashes, and filters.
  • Other Applications to Test Stones and Gems.

We offer, but are not limited to, the following main services:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene Study
  • Food Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis

For more information on the services CVR Labs provides or for any questions, please contact us and our representative can gladly assist you.

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