Helium Diffusion Sampling

The Helium Diffusion Sampling (HDS) Personal Monitor makes it easier to keep an eye on chemicals at work. A revolutionary new technique based on helium diffusion produces a compact, lightweight, cost-effective, ubiquitous, and defendable sampler. Above all, the HDS Personal Monitor produces extremely repeatable findings that are not influenced by elements that cause mistakes in other diffusive samplers, such as matrix concentrations, shifting humidities, and fluctuating face velocities. Since helium diffuses more quickly than air, a vacuum is created when helium departs, and this vacuum is used to collect an HDS sample. Every HDS Personal Monitor has a substitute recovery chemical added to it to support appropriate sample collection in the field and demonstrate successful recovery during laboratory analysis.

  • There’s a new, easier method for gathering canister samples.
  • Because the flow-regulating diffusion channel is cleaned and separated along with the canister, there is less possibility of sample loss or carryover from a prior sampling session.

  • Physical rules of diffusion determine flow rates. Nothing to adjust.

  • Gravimetric measurement of the quantity collected allows for extremely precise dilution estimates.

  • Built-in Surrogate helps to reveal canisters that are no longer inert.

Helium Diffusion Sampling Advantages/Disadvantages:

HDS Classical Vacuum Sampling
Hydrocarbon Range
C2 – C25
C2 – C12
Relative Cost
Tiniest Can Size for Gathering One-Week Sample
1.4L / 32oz BV
Longest Sampling Time
1 Month
1 Week
Chance for Losses
Flow Controller/Filter
Chance for Carryover
Cleaned Along with Can
Must Clean Separately
Auto Start/Stop
Yes/But Reduced Vol (Wt)

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